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Address:  12200 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA 91607
Phone:     (424) 335-4139   (24 hrs.)
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Professional Garage Door & Gate Repair Services by Los Angeles


Welcome and thank you for choosing «AW Garage Door» for your garage door and gate rapair needs!


welcome AW Garage Door


About «AW Garage Door»

We are a full service garage door and gate company, family owned and operated who serve clients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We can go to as far as Huntington Beach or Santa Barbara. We come from many years of experienceworking for the leading garage door repairs companies in Israel and US. We work hard to maintain a reputation of a trustworthy servicemen.

It's very easy to contact us for same day repairs, replacements and customer service. We find top quality materials and work wise to make your problem go away as soon as possible. Our goal is to become a #1 company in all the sapects of garage door service and repair. Your Satisfaction Is Our Highest Priority. Our 24/7 emergency service allows us to serve you quickly and efficiently. We are always ready and equipped to service any repair.

Years of experience and training qualifiy us as the skilled garage door and gate company in Southern California. Choosing the right garage door company is important especially if you can't leave your home with the door stuck open. We entrust our reputation in the hands of our clients, many of who are willing to share their experience with us.

Our testimonials are few but fair and to the point. Customer’s opinion is fundamental to our business and success. So we understand how important the quality of work we provide is to you.  


  A few simple reasons to choose «AW Garage Door» for your next garage door emergency:  


•  Fully Licensed to operate in California

•  Same Day Service, Emergency service available 24/7

•  No hidden fees - fair and free estamate

•  Family owned and operated

•  Provide a full inspection on every repair

•  Repairs/replacements have warranty (varies)

•  We are highly qualified and skilled with years of experience

•  We are qualified to do custom doors & gates

•  If your are not 100% SATISFIED with the service we FIX your concern

Our services


We provide 24/7 emergency service, repair, maintenance and installation for residential garage doors and openers. 
Offer full safety inspection with troubleshooting.


Garage door repair & installation service


garage door repair and installation service


If you have a problem and you have to decide whether to replace your garage door or simply fix it, there are multiple options available: steel doors, wood doors, aluminum or custom made doors.

If you need a spring replacements, trolley input, cracked window fixed our team of technicians will be dispatched to your door.

It's best to know beforehand what we are up against.

So, the first thing you do over the phone is allow us to undersnatd as much about your issue as possible so we can make sure we have all we need to get you going again.

We offer safety inspection and lubrication for all the jobs we are doing.


Spring replacement


spring replacement


The spring is an important hardware that transfers the weight of the door to the counterbalance system.

If you encounter broken springs or failure do not wait to call us.

The safety of your family is the highest priority. Springs get oversued with tome and eventually could fail.

Springs are graded to serve 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 cycles and depending on what you buy or inerit they may have some time on them alread.

When we repair your springs we offer long lasting warranty as we use top quality materials.


Drums & rollers


garage door drums


We can fix the problem if something happens to the rollers that use ball-bearings, which can over time go bad.

The lifting cable that connects the drums and the rollers work together to lift the door quietly and smoothly and if that's not the case just call us and we will diagnose your problem and advise or fix it on the spot.

We are in business of helping others not making money off quotes.


Garage door openers


If you have an issue with your Garage Door Opener - we can provide same day service and the convenience of calling us in the same day. We are also experts in automatically operated doors.

We have access to the supply of the most popular and reliable garage door opener brands to ensure the best quality and price.


garage door openers


Off track


The tracks lead and align the door to go up and down vertically smootly. They also support the horizontal position of the gates or doors.

We repair the tracks that need work done.

The continuous use of tracks over time may affect the track to become off balance and in need of an adjustment.

But don't worry we can fix the tracks for you and they are easier to fix than you may think.

  garage door track


Garage door panels


If only one panel is damaged on the garage door that doesn't mean your entirety door has to be replaced.

«AW Garage Door» knows how and and what it takes to replace a panel without the swapping the whole door.

We can match your panel or order one that will match your exact style and design of teh garage door or gate.

When next time someone or something accidentaly dents your garage door you don't have to worry about costly repairs as long as you call us (213) 536-1177 and «AW Garage Door» will be right there!

And if you are lucky you will meet our owner Yossie Ben, the man behind this helpful business.


rapair garage door panels

Customer reviews


We are fairly young company with a lot of experience working for many established garage door repair businesses in Los Angeles.
Established in 2015. 
Our clients' happiness is our primarily goal.

Review Bruder "Mr K." O.

reviews for «AW Garage Door»



Our garage door in Bel Air broke, the spring got busted and the door would not close. Had to look for an urgent help. Everyone I called were busy with other jobs until a client of mine recommended Yossi from AW Garage Door company. He was at the job 30 minutes later and was able to align the door and replace the spring, also made recommendations how to make it work smooth for years to come. We called him later next week to automate our garage door to the newer model so we could control it with our iPhones. He did a great job and his prices were quite reasonable. I would recommend him to any of my friends in need

Contact us


Phone:     (424) 335-4139

E-mail:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: 12200 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA 91607